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Bobby Robson was showing his grandson around St. James' Park, as he had always promised to do. Bobby took him to his office where his grandson met Alan Shearer who was there to discuss the upcoming match. Finally, he was introduced to a couple of the other players after training. 

On the way home, Bobby noticed his grandson was crying. "What's wrong, young'un?" Bobby asked. "Didn't you enjoy yourself today?". "Yes" replied the grandson, "but I didn't get to see all the clowns you say you have to work with every day!"

Sir Alex Ferguson walked into the Man Utd dressing room and said "right lads, when the transfer window opens in January, we will be seeing some new faces round here."

All of a sudden, Luke Chadwick chirped up and said "can I have one please?"


A West Ham supporter, a Liverpool supporter and an Arsenal supporter went into the woods and hunted down a wild pig. The Liverpool supporter said, "I'll have the liver because I'm a Liverpool supporter". The West Ham supporter said,"I'll have the ham because I'm a West Ham supporter". And the Arsenal supporter said,"I'm not hungry thanks!"

An Arsenal supporter talking to his friend said "It's not true that all Spurs fans are against us. Why, you can go to their ground, meet one of them and he'll take you home, share his food and his bed with you and even give you breakfast in the morning, all for nothing!" "Wow! Did this happen to you?" inquired his friend. "No, but it did happen to my sister!"

Two footie mad reindeers were about to go to a football match when all of a sudden Rudolf, the eldest reindeer, said 'we cant go!' 'Why not?' said Prancer, the younger reindeer. 'Because it's raining.' 'No it's not' said Prancer. 'Yes it is' said Rudolf. Their mother entered the room and said 'Prancer, you'd better listen to your older brother because Rudolf the red knows rain dear!'

Snow White arrived home one evening to find her home destroyed by fire. She was especially worried because she'd left all seven dwarfs asleep inside. As she scrambled among the wreckage, frantically calling their names, suddenly she heard the cry: "Leeds are gonna win the league."

Thank goodness," sobbed Snow White. "At least Dopey's alive!"


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