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The 3 Lions Sport Blog is another way for you to keep up to date with
the happenings at 3 Lions Sport.
Below is a selection of excerpts from articles posted on the 3 Lions Sport Blog.
To read the full articles simply click on the relevant highlighted text. Or,
subscribe to our live feed by clicking here.

A Hong Kong based entrepreneur has developed a watch to help football fans track the progress of their favourite English football teams.
Having spoken to many English Premier League fans in Hong Kong, there seems to be some confusion over how they are going to get to see the new season 2004/2005 games 'Live' on TV.
How a Mancunian views Manchester United fans from overseas.
We've teamed up with SPfx Sports to bring you the Sportscaster Fixtures watch.
Yes, a watch that automatically displays the entire fixture schedule for any of
the top 20 clubs in England.
Football is about more than just the players and the game. The essential
essence of football lies in the collectively of its supporters and the magic
they can produce when they combine to create an entity.
April 15th 1989 - A day we will never forget!
Thousands of Liverpool fans went to watch their side play Nottingham Forest
in the FA Cup Semi-Final at Sheffield's Hillsborough Stadium - and 96 of them
never came home.
Manchester United have confirmed that they will tour Asia in late July / early
We have already received many enquiries on match packages for next season.
Saying that, many people have also enquired "If the current season finishes
May 15th and the new season doesn't start until August 14th and the match
I want to go to might not be until next March, why do I have to book so early?".

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